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Bachmann Trains (USA)- Siemens ACS-64 Showcase szGj0t3dO3Q by SonicbusterX2000 - Date create: 2019-04-07 - Category: Autos & Vehicles PT8M49S
A showcase of 3 prototypical liveries produced for the ACS-64 by Bachmann Trains, filmed at AMRA Victoria's Stonnington Valley Layout.

In this video, I own two of the ACS-64's. In order of purchase, no.642 is seen in Amtrak's 'Honour the Veterans' livery whilst my no.607 is seen in prototypical Mk5 Amtrak House Colours, seen hauling my various array of Amfleet I and II stock made by Bachmann and Walthers. The SEPTA ACS-64 no. 901 belongs to my fellow friend ThebusofdoomFSX. His showcase of that model can be found here.


As it was a US running session at the club that day, we also see an array of other prototypical locomotives from varying eras running around the layout.

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