[Playlist] OST Ashes of Love/香蜜沉沉烬如霜 (Hương mật tựa khói sương) rGtxRTK-0cQ by captain panda - Date create: 2018-12-29 - Category: Entertainment PT29M22S
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New update: full 7 songs.
Includes 7 official OST:
1. 《不染》 - 毛不易 (Opening song)
2. 《天地无霜》 - 邓伦 (DengLun's ver.)
3.《左手指月》 - 萨顶顶 (Ending song)
4. 《天地无霜 (合唱版) - 杨紫、邓伦 (YangZi, DengLun)
5.《不染》- 萨顶顶 (SaDingDing's ver.)
6.《情霜》 - 杨紫 (YangZi)
7. 《不染》- 萨顶顶 (SaDingDing's Piano ver.)
Edit: captainpanda
Music sources from: @allendeng92 (IG) (International Dengxin can find more information about DengLun)
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