//7 Mindgames\\ Kaz Rodriguez Drum Cover Christopher Duquez qDY2itunZH4/videos/KvRVky0r7YM by Christopher Duquez - Date create: 2017-05-15 - Category: Music PT4M24S
Playing along to Kaz Rodriguez's track “7 Mindgames from his drumless track album Thoughts

Go ahead and get yourself a copy and challenge yourself with some fun tracks.


Here's Kaz's channel! He is a SICK drummer & dope composer based out of London, England.


Shot at Miramar College Studios
Filmed by Tripods and Joey Casora
Engineered by Anthony Cabrera
For booking please contact:
[email protected]
Facebook: www.facebook.com/chris.duquez
Twitter: www.twitter.com/chrisduquez
Instagram: www.instagram.com/chrisduquez
Snapchat: akabuddha
Heartbeat Cymbals: www.heartbeatpercussion.com
Alclair In Ear Monitors: www.alclair.com

Cymbals from left to right:
18 Holey Crash
14 Studio Hi Hats
18 Custom Crash
8 Stock Splash x 12 Meinl China
22 Classic Ride
20 Studio Crash

Mic configuration:
Snare - SM57
Toms - MD421
Floor Tom - RE20
Kick - AE2500/Miramar studio thump
OH - AKG414
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