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⎾GachaLife⏌Genius ~ GMV ~ (Read desc!) jWoWJgsEVGs by Lavendera - Date create: 2018-11-16 - Category: Film & Animation PT3M19S
I disabled the comments for a good reason:
People keep calling out to me that i copied someone. Please, read their description/title of their video that you think i copied :/.
It'll probably say: Inspired by Lavendera
If you still don't believe me, then look at the upload dates.

Ayy wazzap y’all! I uploaded again! And yasshdjksahdjksahjkd
It’s an GMV (:
This is da gmv genius! If you don’t get the story well here it is:

A murderer is on the loose! Oh no! (Don’t worry lmao only in the gmv)
Well this girl. Name Lynne, ran away from home because she got abused. She was very tired
And was halfway asleep. Then she comes to a place where Gabriel/ (His secret name: KnifeEye)
Was “Buisy”. Lynne falls asleep onto Gabriel, and he kinda finds the girl cute and felt bad for her, because she could
Tell that she got abused. So she took care for her.
After some months, they fall in love. (;;;;;;;;;; Then they go to a street, but a cop finds them and the cop
Shoots Gabriel. Then Lynne got pretty pissed, grabbed Gabriel’s knaifu’s and killed da cop.
Later she cries like a baby for Gabriel, but later brings him to a hospital. She comes in a room with a gun
Of the cop, threatens the doctor to heal Gabriel.
Lynne sits outside hoping and waiting that Gabriel isn’t dead. And he wasn’t! Yay :D
Then they get happy together. Both get murderes and stuff nyeh. But Lynne gets caught,
And got put in prison. Later after 3 days, Gabriel went to the prison to save Lynne.
(Now you can decide what happens next or whatever in your fantasies (: ok bye)

Where I got the nightcore/music from:
By U N D E R D O G S

Social media's:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lavendera_g...

Amino: https://aminoapps.com/c/GachaHoneyy/h...

If you got any questions like:

How old are you?
-Won't tell ;w; sorry

Will you ever do a face reveal?
-I don't think so. no.

Where are you from?
-Earth (:



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