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Bacchus Marsh Cherry and Strawberries Festival Charters 17/11/18 cJkYHW-XCzg by SonicbusterX2000 - Date create: 2018-11-19 - Category: Autos & Vehicles PT10M37S
On November 17th 2018, in recognition of the beginning of the Cherry and Strawberries Festival, 2 heritage charters was organised for that Saturday's events.

The morning charter consisted of Heritage locomotives B74 and X31 locomotives from Seymour Heritage Railway Centre, with the heritage consist originating at Seymour and heading towards Melbourne to pick up passengers, before turning around to head to Bacchus Marsh.

The afternoon charter consisted of R707, T413 and Y127, operated by 707 Operations, heading out from Melbourne in the mid afternoon, before returning shortly before midnight after the firework festivities.

This video mainly covers the movements of the SHRC charter throughout the whole day, from its outbound journey to the return. The 707 operations charter is also seen filmed at 3 different locations.

Throughout the day, I was accompanied by fellow channels ThebusofdoomFSX and Comeng998 Railway Productions. Links to their perspectives will be provided below when it becomes available.


Comeng998 Railway Productions

Filmed in 4k.

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