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Trains on The Frankston Line- Metro Trains Xn1vSn6e97E by SonicbusterX2000 - Date create: 2018-11-14 - Category: Autos & Vehicles PT15M22S
The Frankston line is a suburban train line located in Melbourne's South east, and it part of the Caulfield group of lines. This means it shares the same tracks as the Sandringham line until South Yarra and the Cranbourne and Pakenham Line till Caulfield. We pick up the video when the Frankston line branches onto its own tracks, just outside Caulfield. This line has undergone major change within the last few years, especially being an area of political interest. A record number of grade crossing removals have occurred during this time, with more to come within the coming years. There has also been improvements to the service, such as the continual 10min frequency throughout most of the day, inculding weekends.

In this video, we visit a few locations along the line, as well as witnessing the Long Island Freight Train, which runs along the length of the line to Frankston, and continues onto the Long Island Steel Mill, via a small part of the Stony Point Line, before branching off onto its own line.

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