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Great Southern Rail Liveried NR's- All liveries showcase. (Until May 2019) OqwwHMGKQMo by SonicbusterX2000 - Date create: 2019-04-17 - Category: Autos & Vehicles PT19M12S
Double Ghan Full Vid:

Note- this video showcases all the types of GSR liveries seen throughout the NR fleet, and does not show all the locomotives who wear a GSR livery. Thereby NR25, NR28 and NR86 are not featured in the video.

As part of the Great Southern Rail Contract, which are in charge of prestige passenger trains such as 'The Ghan' and 'Indian Pacific', Pacific National have allocated a few of their NR type locomotives to wear a special livery to run with the services.

Whilst often allocated to run the passenger service that their livery bares its name, it is also uncommon to see any of the locomotives on a regular freight service, and not necessarily within the territory that the particular passenger service runs. For instance, Melbourne is home to the dedicated heavy maintenance facility for the NR locomotives, in which every NR fleet wide would eventually find itself in Melbourne for its checkup. Thereby, Melbourne does see its fair share of special liveried locomotives in the NR fleet, even though it is yet to receive a Premier GSR passenger service, with exception to 'The Overland' which does not have a dedicated livery on the NRs.

Locos featured
NR18 (Indian Pacific Mk2)
As of Late May 2019- this loco has been repainted into Ghan Mk3 Colours.
The relevant video can be found here-
NR 26, 29 (Indian Pacific Mk4)
NR 27 (Indian Pacfic Mk3)
NR74, 75 and 109 (The Ghan Mk2)
NR84, 85 (Southern Spirit) - Service is now defunct, but locomotives still bare the livery of the service. Rumoured to be repainted into the proposed 'Great Southern' livery to start up at the end of 2019.


Filmed in 4k
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