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Freight and Passengers trains 7/11/18 ME-WWy3cnks by SonicbusterX2000 - Date create: 2019-03-22 - Category: Autos & Vehicles PT9M53S
A very small complication of different types of freights captured back November last year, and was lying in the backlog of videos in which I forgot to upload.

We first see an outbound freight to Adelaide, with two GSR livered NR's leading the consist. NR29 (Indian Pacfic Mk4) leading and NR84 (Southern Spirit) just outside Sim St Junction. By the time the end of the consist hones into video (Timestamp 6:05), the outbound Albury is seen following closely behind it.

With a small tip off that B76 was leading the APEX that night, I headed over to Moonee Ponds Creek Viaduct in an intention to capture the consist there. However, the lighting did not make this physically possible. We see the Sydney Bound XPT cross the bridge as the last of the light begins to fade.

The Apex was eventually captured climbing up Heathcote Bank at Heathcote Junction, to conclude the video.

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Pacific National, Sim Street Junction, North East SG Line, APEX Train, QUBE logistics, Sydney to Melbourne XPT, Albury Line Train, B76 Locomotive, Heathcote, Nhac Vip.