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The Cruise Express charters 'The Cunarder' 14/3/19 CU5aXuD5ybk by SonicbusterX2000 - Date create: 2019-03-15 - Category: Autos & Vehicles PT8M14S
On March 14th 2019, Cruise Express charted two trains from both Seymour Heritage Railway Centre (SHRC) and the Lachlan Valley Railway to run a hertiage train service from Melbourne to Sydney, with a change of train at Albury.

The Melbourne to Albury leg was operated by T357 and P22, behind a rake of restored Spirit of Progress Coaches owned by the Seymour Heritage Railway Centre

The Albury to Sydney leg was operated by the Lachlan Valley Railway, behind 42101 and 4702 behind a rake of restored NSW coaches.

We join the chase just outside Chiltern, and visit a variety of locations until Jinalee, where the video ends.

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