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 LeBron James says he was 'born to have workload' ahead of his second Lakers season | NBA on ESPN -ESPN
Time: 7:03
Former NBC actor Ron Elyu0026#39;s wife Miss Florida USA 1981 Valerie Lundeen was allegedly killed by their son Cameron, who wasu0026nbsp;...
  -E! News
Time: 1:05
Jalen Rose and David Jacoby go around the NBA, talking about Stephen Curryu0026#39;s performance in the Golden State Warriors vs.
E! News
 LaMelo Ball absolutely will play his way into a top-3 draft spot - Jalen Rose | Jalen u0026 Jacoby -ESPN
Time: 6:21
Maria Taylor, Richard Jefferson, Jalen Rose and Jay Williams weigh in on if the New York Knicks are still a destination franchise.
 Knicks need RJ Barrett or Kevin Knox to become a star - Jalen Rose | NBA Countdown -ESPN
Time: 5:34
Kendrick Perkins and Amin Elhassan on The Jump discuss whether Russell Westbrook will adjust his playing style to fit theu0026nbsp;...
 Russell Westbrook isn't changing for anyone including the Rockets - Kendrick Perkins | The Jump -ESPN
Time: 5:02
After losing two consecutive games to the Houston Astros in the ALCS behind strong outings by Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole,u0026nbsp;...
 Yankees' lack of an elite starter coming back to haunt them - Bob Wischusen | Stephen A. Smith Show -ESPN
Time: 12:43
Anthony Davis provides an update on his right thumb injury and shares his expectations for the Los Angeles Lakersu0026#39; matchup vs.
 Anthony Davis provides thumb injury update, talks Lakers vs. Clippers on opening night | NBA on ESPN -ESPN
Time: 3:42
TV host and author of the new book u0026#39;The Way I Heard Itu0026#39; Mike Rowe crunches the numbers on Democratsu0026#39; economic agenda.
 Mike Rowe talks 2020 Dems' wealth tax plans, new book -Fox News
Time: 7:16
Twelve Democratic presidential candidates shared the stage for the debate in Westerville, Ohio. Here are the key moments fromu0026nbsp;...
Fox News
 The Fourth 2019 Democratic Debate: Key Moments | NYT News -The New York Times
Time: 4:57
2020 #campaign2020 #joebiden #abcnews SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch More onu0026nbsp;...
The New York Times
 2020 candidate Joe Biden attends town hall in Davenport, Iowa | ABC News -ABC News
Time: 42:23
Ousted TRUMP adviser John Bolton referred to the Ukraine plot as a u0026#39;drug dealu0026#39; and warned Giuliani was like a walking handu0026nbsp;...
ABC News
 From Bombshell News To Giuliani 'Grenade': Trump Aide Warned Ukraine Plot Like A Criminal Drug Deal -MSNBC
Time: 19:07
The video shows President Trumpu0026#39;s face superimposed onto a shooteru0026#39;s body, inside whatu0026#39;s described as “the Church of Fakeu0026nbsp;...
 WH Trying To Distance Trump From Video Showing His Likeness Attacking News Media | NBC Nightly News -NBC News
Time: 1:38
President Trump orders U.S. troops to withdraw from northern Syria, investigation underway after deadly partial collapse at Newu0026nbsp;...
NBC News
 Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 13th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News -NBC News
Time: 19:58
Queen Elizabeth II has outlined the UK governmentu0026#39;s legislative agenda - what laws they plan to introduce in this parliamentaryu0026nbsp;...
NBC News
 Brexit dominates Queen's Speech to UK parliament - BBC News -BBC News
Time: 9:31
CNNu0026#39;s Brian Stelter and former Fox News journalists discuss the significance of Shepard Smithu0026#39;s exit from the network.
BBC News
 Ex-Fox News correspondent: Here's what frustrates journalists at the network -CNN
Time: 9:11
President Trumpu0026#39;s attorney Rudy Giuliani releases a statement to Fox News after former Russia adviser Fiona Hill testifies thatu0026nbsp;...
 Giuliani responds to Bolton claims on Ukraine -Fox News
Time: 3:03
Biden defended the ethical implications of his private ventures in an interview with ABC News, but conceded a political “mistake.
Fox News
 Hunter Biden defends ethics of foreign ventures l ABC News -ABC News
Time: 8:22
Watch Sky News live. Todayu0026#39;s top stories: Boris Johnson will ask for a delay to Brexit if he fails to get a deal by Saturday, fouru0026nbsp;...
ABC News
 Watch Sky News live -Sky News
Time: 0:00
The Turkish military advanced deeper into Kurdish-held northern Syria today, as the death toll from the three-day-old offensiveu0026nbsp;...
Sky News
 Inside Turkey’s Offensive Against Kurdish Forces In Syria | NBC Nightly News -NBC News
Time: 2:19
Former Congressman Trey Gowdy informed President Trumpu0026#39;s team that he would not be available until January 4th, although u0026#39;au0026nbsp;...
NBC News
 Trey Gowdy pumps breaks on joining Trump legal team -Fox News
Time: 4:00
House Democrats are hearing from former White House adviser on Russia, Fiona Hill, who will appear in private to answeru0026nbsp;...
Fox News
 Former White House adviser Fiona Hill to testify in impeachment inquiry -CBS News
Time: 10:54
The president used foul language to denounce impeachment proceedings in Lake Charles. #ABCNews #PresidentTrumpu0026nbsp;...
CBS News
 Trump sounds off on impeachment investigation at rally in Louisiana | ABC News -ABC News
Time: 2:43
u0026#39;Major emergencyu0026#39; declared as explosive wildfire spreads in Los Angeles, inside Turkeyu0026#39;s offensive against Kurdish forces in Syriau0026nbsp;...
ABC News
 Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 11th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News -NBC News
Time: 21:02
Syrian troops have begun moving into Kurdish-held territory in the countryu0026#39;s north east, as Turkey and its allies continue theiru0026nbsp;...
NBC News
 Syrian forces move into Kurdish-held territory as Turkish offensive continues -Channel 4 News
Time: 18:50
Defense Secretary Mark Esper discusses and defends President Trumpu0026#39;s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Northern Syria,u0026nbsp;...
Channel 4 News
 Defense Secretary Esper defends Trump's removal of troops from Northern Syria -Fox News
Time: 12:04
Days after former Vice President Joe Biden called for the impeachment of Donald Trump, his son Hunter announced he will stepu0026nbsp;...
Fox News
 Politics week in review: Former Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter to step down from board of … -CBS News
Time: 8:53
The president tweeted in defense of Rudy Giuliani after the New York Times reported that federal prosecutors in Manhattan areu0026nbsp;...
CBS News