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 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Queen ~ gacha lifeTsuni WolfyChanii
День назад
So this might be my last video beforr school so yah qwq I hope yall enjoyed da vid Ok baiii.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Not another song about love GLMVTsuni WolfyChanii
4 месяца назад
You guys are lucky that I had the motivation to edit today UwU Ok bye Imma rest oof.
 Monthly Winners - 5 Biggest Tsunami Caught On CameraMonthly Winners
Год назад
5 Mega Tsunami Caught On Camera - Enjoy the video. Rate, Comment, Share... Thanx For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] ...
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - First Burn GLMV (ft. TOMATO playz❤❤)Tsuni WolfyChanii
6 месяцев назад
Yay i did a music video! After a week maybe but OOF anyways thanks for meh bff for making the thumbnail❤❤ I still love tomato and all this is just entertainment ...
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - First burn ~ gacha studioTsuni WolfyChanii
10 месяцев назад
Meh.... This took me like one night lol XD Halp meh it ish exams XD TwT.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - I'm a mess ~ Gacha studioTsuni WolfyChanii
11 месяцев назад
Well.... this took me a day to finish... I hope you guys enjoy tho Inspired by EmilyKitty.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Believer ~ gacha studio - ft. NexymoonTsuni WolfyChanii
Год назад
Wassup guys!! Original song:видео.html Nightcored by Anime Twins:видео.html Nexy's channel: ...
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Unstoppable Meme ~ gacha life *flashing images*Tsuni WolfyChanii
15 дней назад
i ish done with dish UwU Okeh imma play mystic messenger now and plag either jaehee or zen's route -w- Baiiii I only edit this in a day which is todayy Oof i ...
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Dynasty Meme ~ gacha life *flashing images*Tsuni WolfyChanii
Месяц назад
Apps used: Gacha life Cute cut Ibis paint x Canva RU-clip studio Pixel lab Finally this is done qwq I became lazy at the end.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Smoke and Mirrors ~ gacha lifeTsuni WolfyChanii
14 дней назад
Did this within the day lmao Idk wut to do now oof Meh friends are offline and im sad :") Ill just chill yall.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Hey girl, you like me a little bit? Meme ~ gacha lifeTsuni WolfyChanii
Месяц назад
I just made this for fun and i was bored soo yah Happy easter yall.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Salt & Good Enough ~ Gacha LifeTsuni WolfyChanii
3 месяца назад
This is all just a story and nothing happened irl I hope you enjoyed this qwq.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Banana Meme / Run Meme ~ Gacha Studio - ft. EmilyKittyTsuni WolfyChanii
11 месяцев назад
No hate on emily! Ill be so happy if she notice dish QwQ ........ When you forgot what to type XD So love you guys lol XD I might be posting alot of memes .-.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Identities meme ~ gacha lifeTsuni WolfyChanii
3 месяца назад
My phone is lagging djdjdj.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - 16 shots meme ~ gacha lifeTsuni WolfyChanii
2 месяца назад
Apps used: Cutecute Kinemaster Pixel lab Ibis paint x.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Twisted MemeTsuni WolfyChanii
4 месяца назад
I became lazy oof It's cringey lololol Ok Imma go back to doing homework now.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Solo MemeTsuni WolfyChanii
10 месяцев назад
Yeah... Meh want cookie.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Legends never die ~ gacha lifeTsuni WolfyChanii
Месяц назад
Im back with another gacha music vid qwq This took me a while due to meh laziness and lack of meh storage su yah Bye guyz.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - 911 ~ Gacha LifeTsuni WolfyChanii
22 дня назад
Hey guys sorry if this is not nice because i used another gadget for this and i lazily did this so yah Oof.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Saints ~ gacha lifeTsuni WolfyChanii
27 дней назад
Hey guys i'm fine now I'm so tried oofz Ok baii.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Papito Meme ~ gachaverse - ft. Jet Ruby and PopsicleAddict/Zechariah (Cringe Warning)Tsuni WolfyChanii
11 месяцев назад
Im sorry jet ruby if zechariah's character is wrong TwT Its hard to like copy hid character soooo im sooooooo soooorrryyyyyyyy TwT And i ran out of Meme ideas .
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Acapella ~ gacha lifeTsuni WolfyChanii
17 дней назад
I just did this in a day so yah lmao Oof dat it my ex over der and my best friend online Ahhh memories Im fine guys ooferz This isn't tomato guys this is ...
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Idontwannabeyouanymore memeTsuni WolfyChanii
6 месяцев назад
Oof this suckz QwQ I bought kinemaster yesh QwQ But da edit still suckz Lazy to do da thumbnail ;-;
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - It's not like I like you ~ Gacha StudioTsuni WolfyChanii
Год назад
Well thank you for watching this crap .-. Inspired by yunny :3 Original vid:видео.html.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Killua Zoldyck edit ~ Gift for meh online sis💜❤️ ~ comes to you (read description)Tsuni WolfyChanii
2 месяца назад
SUUUU SORRY MARI IF THIS IS SO BAD YOU ARE FREE TO KILL MEH IF ITS SO BAD TWT dont even ask me if i know the anime i 100% DONT KNOW DA ...
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Fantasize memeTsuni WolfyChanii
7 месяцев назад
Oof sorry for not posting that much... Ive been lazy lately and i have no motivation to make vids ;-;
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - All eyes on me GVMVTsuni WolfyChanii
9 месяцев назад
Thanks to my friend bagel for drawing the thumbnail and the picture in the video ^_^ Guys if i reach 20k i will tell 10 facts about me :3 And yeah i might continue ...
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - She's sweet but psyco GLMV (gacha life music video)Tsuni WolfyChanii
7 месяцев назад
Oof its... 1:45 in the morning xD and i finally finished this xD Ok i'm not gonna sleep until 3am oof ._. Imma watch funneh now bye :p Follow me on social media!
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - #emilykitty200Tsuni WolfyChanii
5 месяцев назад
For Emily kitty i wanna be in her vid lel Cuz why not Imma post a glmv later ://
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Lucky in love Original MemeTsuni WolfyChanii
Месяц назад
If you're going to use this meme (most probably not) please credit.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Clarity Meme (read desc. If you want)Tsuni WolfyChanii
9 месяцев назад
Hehe.... Everything's fine... Im fine... Hehe.... Am i wasting your...
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - I'm not her ~ Gacha studioTsuni WolfyChanii
Год назад
This might cringe much maybe but i tried.. Inspired by Murfie!! Link to her channel!! Link to ...
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Happier GLMVTsuni WolfyChanii
5 месяцев назад
Well i was suppose to upload this but for some reason while this vid was uploading RU-clip will just friken cancel the upload wow Friken can 2019 get any ...
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - i think im in love ~ gacha studioTsuni WolfyChanii
Год назад
Hiii idk what to sayyyyy XD Original song:видео.html Nightcored by RubyChan's Nightcore:видео.html.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Blush Attack ~ gacha studioTsuni WolfyChanii
Год назад
Ok... Ill only heart the comments before 24 hours... After 24 hours...i wont like the comment... Understand... Lol great XD Inspired by Mariel Gaming YT.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - QnA 15k special 💖💖Tsuni WolfyChanii
8 месяцев назад
Thanks soo much for 15k you guys!! Sorry if this is short because i have alot of things to do irl so yeah... I ish shtill shingle ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Nightcore when she criesTsuni WolfyChanii
8 месяцев назад
I dont own anything... So yeah... I might not post for the month of october because its my birthday month Unless i really want to post something and i cant wait ._.
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - #PotatoriKimMAPTsuni WolfyChanii
9 месяцев назад
Im done with my part potatori :)
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Luna WolfGirl vs. Mariel Gaming YT rapbattleTsuni WolfyChanii
8 месяцев назад
I watched corpse party and i like it QwQ thats why i picked seiko tho XD Oof who won? (Mari because i know i never win :'))
 Tsuni WolfyChanii - Plastic MemeTsuni WolfyChanii
6 месяцев назад
Oof im tired xD Its 11pm oof ive been working on this crap fpr hours .-. Well ill sleep goodnight everyone Background:видео.html Lazy to ...