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 Norik Vardanian (94) - 160/202 Pan Am Games silver -hookgrip
Time: 5:34
The 2012 Olympian set a new American record as he put together a rock solid performance at Olympic trials. For more video fromu0026nbsp;...
 Norik Vardanian Dominates At Olympic Team Trials For Weightlifting -Team USA
Time: 2:13
http://www.hookgrip.com171kg Senior -94kg American Record Snatch 373kg Senior -94kg American Record Total Storeu0026nbsp;...
Team USA
 Norik Vardanian (94) - 171kg Snatch + 202kg Clean and Jerk American Record -hookgrip
Time: 4:16
This was my last snatch at home in California. I left every single lift I attempted in the video. I just wanted to show that we all missu0026nbsp;...
 Norik Vardanian 220kg Clean u0026 Jerk -Norik Vardanian
Time: 0:49
This was the last training camp of the year. Still worked on more reps but once in a while when we felt good we would add someu0026nbsp;...
Norik Vardanian
 Training Camp in Armenia -Norik Vardanian
Time: 7:29
Watch Norik Vardanian represent USA in the games this August!
Norik Vardanian
 MEET TEAM USA - Norik Vardanian -103.5 The Arrow
Time: 0:31
Norik tränar på CrossFit Tegens lyftardag.
103.5 The Arrow
 Norik Vardanian training at 2014 Nationals -Rumbler Barbell Club
Time: 0:18
For more details contact Norik at: Check out Vardanian Weightlifting:u0026nbsp;...
Rumbler Barbell Club
 Norik Vardanian - Knee Pain -Norik Vardanian
Time: 5:42
We found ourselves on a holiday, training outside in a friendu0026#39;s yard with Norik Vardanian, Olympian. This was the beginning of hisu0026nbsp;...
Norik Vardanian
 Norik Vardanian Clean and Jerk Complex -Clint Darden
Time: 1:17
At the Aurora Sports Festival on Feb. 14th 2014.
Clint Darden
 Norik Vardanian 205 kg Clean and Jerk -proxlamuz
Time: 0:41
For more details contact Norik at: Check out Vardanian Weightlifting:u0026nbsp;...
 Norik Vardanian: Training at the House of Biceps -Norik Vardanian
Time: 6:49
In this video I talk about how beginners should get started with Olympic lifting. I also mention some exercises that will helpu0026nbsp;...
Norik Vardanian
 Teaching beginners how to lift weights -Norik Vardanian
Time: 5:07 Store Instagram: Main Instagram:;...
Norik Vardanian
 Norik Vardanian (94) - 160/202 Pan Am Games Side Angle -hookgrip
Time: 3:35 This performance won him the $1000 first place for Sinclair out of $10600 in total prize money Storeu0026nbsp;...
 Norik Vardanian (96.64) - 164/195 @ hookgrip Spartakiad -hookgrip
Time: 3:53
No hook grip no thigh brush snatch This is another great exercise to help improve the snatch. I do this about once a week.