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 ♡Singing Battle - Gacha Life♡ -ItzŁexiKiwi
Time: 4:25
Orry that dabbi couldnu0026#39;t sing i was to lazy.
 Ibis Paint X Edit - Gift For ItzLexiKiwi -• C u t e y P i e •
Time: 2:23
Hey Guys So!! Thank You So Much Fo The Efforts And Support!! I Love You Lilu0026#39; Pies u0026nbsp;...
• C u t e y P i e •
 ~Rumors~ || Gacha Life -ItzŁexiKiwi
Time: 4:10
Sorry I took so long I was in a depression And well this took alot to edit!
 I have to make my -•Simply Gacha•
Time: 3:23
My description deleted by accident again, so Iu0026#39;m just gonna cut it short ;w; So, basically I have to make another oc for a GLMV thatu0026nbsp;...
•Simply Gacha•
 Play with fire GLMV -Electro Gacha
Time: 3:16
Inspired by *ItzLexiKiwi* Bye.
Electro Gacha
 So Am I || Small Mep ||CLOSED||READ DESCRIPTION || -XxSad WeirdoxX
Time: 1:16
GACHA!!! Please donu0026#39;t be sad or mad if I didnu0026#39;t give you a part. Theme: Idk umm like choose between Sad Happy and Psychou0026nbsp;...
XxSad WeirdoxX
 HOLE JN THE WALL PRO!!!!!! -Mia Gamer
Time: 1:24
Hi guys i love you guys so much subscribe to so e of my friends ally gamer and itzlexikiwi and jazzy dancer comment what videou0026nbsp;...
Mia Gamer