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 Saint | 「Gacha Life Music Video」 -BerriesジジRed•
Time: 4:01
This Audio does not belong to me,audio belongs to the respectful owners」
 I'm Gonna Show You Crazy |GLMV -BerriesジジRed•
Time: 3:43
Heya!I hope you enjoy this video,I enjoyed making it.And thank you for 41000 Plus subs!I am so happy.I wouldnu0026#39;t have made thisu0026nbsp;...
 You can find happiness.. |GachaVerse -BerriesジジRed•
Time: 8:49
I hope you enjoyed this minimovie!I was working on other videos until I forgot about this one...So sorry for the delay!♡I hope youu0026nbsp;...
 Not Another Song About Love |GLMV| -BerriesジジRed•
Time: 3:55
Hey guys~!I hope you enjoyed this video,I enjoyed making it so much!•3•I managed to make it in a few hours suprisingly...I loveu0026nbsp;...
 Bad Girlfriend |Gacha Life Music Video -BerriesジジRed•
Time: 3:49
Okay..So Iu0026#39;m sorry for the long wait..But my school has started.And Iu0026#39;m gonna turn 13 this year.So Iu0026#39;m in secondary school or someu0026nbsp;...
Time: 4:58
Apps Used -CuteCut PRO -PowerDirector -IbisPaint X -PicsArt -Gacha Life -BackGround Eraser -DU Recorder.
 O.D.D |GMV |Part 2 Of 'Angel Or Demon' -BerriesジジRed•
Time: 4:03
Hey guys,I hope you enjoyed this video!This is a part of u0026#39;Angel Or Demonu0026#39;Iu0026#39;m working on the next part.And donu0026#39;t forget to like andu0026nbsp;...
 Savage |Gacha Life Music Video -BerriesジジRed•
Time: 2:49
Er..I have nothing to say except sorry for the long wait;^;..
 Love Me Or Leave Me| Gacha Studio |GMV -BerriesジジRed•
Time: 3:27
Hi!Iu0026#39;m sorry for mistakes,I had to rush things since I needed to post something due to me not posting for a few days.So I hope youu0026nbsp;...
 All Falls Down |Gacha Life Music Video •3• -BerriesジジRed•
Time: 3:20
Hey guys..I donu0026#39;t really have anything to say but..Hope you guys enjoyed this video.Donu0026#39;t forget to like and subscribe!
 Crayon Song Gets Ruined |Gacha Life Music Video | -BerriesジジRed•
Time: 2:46
Hey guys hope you enjoyed this.I really enjoyed making this,though itu0026#39;s not really funny..sorry.. Donu0026#39;t forget to like and subscribe!
 Magic Academy Two|Let You Down|GLMV -BerriesジジRed•
Time: 3:21
Hey guys!Thanks for the dares on my posts!Iu0026#39;ll start choosing them immediately!and I hope you enjoy this video.I tried Iu0026#39;m sorry if itu0026nbsp;...
 You Want My Sister Part One |GLMV -BerriesジジRed•
Time: 1:46
Hey guys!I hope you enjoyed this video,I enjoyed making it.It was fun,and Iu0026#39;m working on part two...So..yeah..Donu0026#39;t forget to likeu0026nbsp;...